How Can Voluplus and Volufiline Help You Get a Bigger Butt?

Two is better than one. When we started looking for the best butt enhancement options, we found that products that use multiple active ingredients that work together are the most effective way to get a bigger butt. Lately, we’ve been looking at the results that come from VoluPlus and Volufiline. And, we’ve concluded that these are ingredients anyone working on getting a bigger butt should check out.

What Are Volufiline and Voluplus?

These ingredients appear together in both butt enhancement and breast enhancement creams. They are non-hormonal plant extracts that have an amazing effect when applied directly to the targeted areas. Used topically, they act in different ways to enlarge and enhance that part of the body, through two different actions:

VoluPlus is a naturally derived ingredient made from nutmeg. This substance increases the size of fat cells and stimulates your body to more more of them. In a clinical study of women using VoluPlustwice a day for 28 days, they saw increases in size from 4 to 18%. Companies that use VoluPlus in their formulas recommend using the product for at least six months to get permanent, dramatic growth.

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herbal zhi for butt enhancementVolufiline comes from a Chinese herb called Zhi Mui. A compound known as sarsasapogenin is extracted from the plant and used to stimulate the development of fat tissue.

In a study on body enhancement, they found that, used twice a day, sarsasapogenin stimulates the development and growth of fat cells. The most biggest increases occurred between days 28 and 56, so, consistent use is needed to see positive results.

There are a lot of different butt enhancement creams on the market. But, we think that the ones you should focus on are the ones that include these ingredients (GluteBoost is one). By carefully researching options, you can ensure that you are getting the most effective treatments available to get a bigger butt, fast.

Add These Options to Fast-Track and Get a Bigger Butt

These ingredients work together to enhance your curves by adding a little more padding to your backside. When you use them with butt enlargement pills, sensible diet and exercise, every element works together to help you get a bigger butt:

  • The creams work topically. Use regularly to build your curves exactly where you want them.
  • Butt enhancement pills work from the inside out. Pick ones that have natural ingredients to increase fat in your butt while helping you burn fat from the areas where you don’t want it.
  • Exercises like squats and other butt-building moves increase your muscle size in the area for a larger and firmer behind. Work your core to smooth your belly and enhance the size and appearance of your booty. Experts recommend that you get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day at least five days a week for optimum health.
  • Sensible diet helps you trim your waist to increase the ratio between your belly and hips. Make sure your diet includes a range of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. You can also help out your curves by including natural plant estrogens found in foods like tofu. Omega-3 fatty acids increase your curves and are found in foods like salmon, nuts and leafy greens.
  • Using Waist Cinchers can help emphasize your curves giving you a more “hourglass” like figure.

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You don’t need to live with what your genes gave you. When you combine the power of ingredients like VoluPlus and Volufiline with the activities above, you can turbo charge the changes you want. Do your research and commit to the daily activities you need to get the round booty you’ve been dying to have.


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