Star Curves Pills: Unknown for a Reason

Does Star Curves Pills Work?
  • Effectiveness - 1/10
  • Money Back Guarantee - /10
  • Customer Service - 2/10
  • Company Appearance - 1/10

Star Curves Pills Reviews

Star Curves pills should be skipped, no doubt about it. There are no stellar reviews to be found, a return policy is non-existent, and since the product is homemade, the quality of the ingredients is questionable.

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Star curves

When it comes to butt enhancement options, Star Curves pills are one of the lesser-known ones. So are they a diamond in the rough, or are they unfamiliar for a reason? Well, with one glance of their website, it’s pretty clear exactly where Star Curves stands in the booty pills world.

The site itself looks like an amateur created it. In fact, the biggest words on the page are about the discreet packaging, which is clearly not the most important part of a butt enhancement product. When inquiring about an order or sending in a money order, customers are given a woman’s name and her personal address. This can only mean that the Star Curves pills are likely being bottled in her home (which is no surprise when looking at the packaging), and who knows what is really in the item she is sending out.

According to the Star Curves website, many of the ingredients in the all-natural formula are proven to induce a larger butt by upping estrogen production, such as the Fenugreek and Don Quai, but the herbs that actually promote muscle growth, such as Maca Root and Saw Palmetto, are nowhere to be found. Also worth noting is the fact that Star Curves requires three pills per day, while most booty pills only have a serving size of one capsule.

Does Star Curves Work?

It’s actually really hard to know for sure. There are no Star Curves pill reviews on any third-party websites. The only testimonials that can be found are located on the company’s site, which may or may not be legit. Even if these Star Curves reviews are considered, the results aren’t exactly stellar. Many users report not being able to physically see a bigger butt, although the tape measure tells them they did experience growth.

When it comes to Star Curves before and after pictures, the only two on the website look fake. The first one has exactly the same background (including the arm running across the corner), which leads one to believe the booty was edited to look larger.


  • The ingredients in Star Curves booty pills are all natural.
  • Some of the testimonials on the Star Curves website claim that growth was experienced.


  • There is no mention of a return policy or any kind of guarantee.
  • The website and packaging is out of date (not updated since 2010).
  • The formula requires three pills per day to achieve results.
  • The price is well above its competitors.
  • Since Star Curves is likely shipping out of someone’s home, there is no guarantee of quality or safety.



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