Padded Panties

padded panties

Feel Foxy padded panties claim to offer an easy and affordable alternative to butt enhancement surgery. They provide the wearer with an instant fix and are available in a variety of styles and sizes to appease a wide range of women’s needs and wants.

Since padded underwear is made to completely replace the everyday panty, it is sold in many of the same styles. It can be found in a boy short style, string bikini, and high-waist version. There is also some variety in the materials used in the butt lifting panties. Some of them include removable silicone pads, offering the user some versatility, while others have foam pads that are sewn in. The pads are usually one or two inches thick, and provide enough of a boost that it is noticeable, but not too much that it seems unnatural.

Padded panties are available to fit women of all sizes, with many styles offering a range from XS to 5XL. Most padded panty options are also available in at least nude or black color options, with some of them offering bolder choices, like hot pink or royal blue, allowing the wearer to show off her style.

Do Padded Panties Work?

Sure, they seem promising enough, but how do padded panties do in real-life situations? According to the reviews, they are pretty amazing. Wearers rave about the natural look that their padded underwear provides, and some even say their dates felt the butt lifting panties without even realizing they weren’t feeling the real deal. The users claim that both the silicone and foam versions stay in place throughout the day, and that the padded panties are comfortable enough for daily use.


  • They provide a round, plump butt instantly, with very minimal cost and no risk of side effects.
  • Padded panties are ideal for testing out what it feels like to have a bigger booty.
  • The silicone padded underwear offers the same bounce that a real butt does.
  • Since many of the pads are sewn in, there is no need to worry about them moving around and looking conspicuous.
  • Feel Foxy padded panties slide on effortlessly and the user often forgets they are even wearing them as they go about their day.


  • Most padded panties do need to be hand washed in order to maintain their shape.
  • The color options are limited in many of the padded panty styles.


Padded Panty Reviews
  • Overall Score - 6.5/10


When a woman desires a larger, perkier booty, but doesn’t have time or money to waste, padded panties are a very viable option. They are affordable, comfortable, and offer an improved silhouette in a matter of seconds.

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