Major Curves Butt Pills Offer a High Serving Size with Empty Promises

Does Major Curves Work?
  • Effectiveness - 6/10
  • Money Back Guarantee - 10/10
  • Customer Service - 7/10
  • Company Appearance - 6/10

Major Curves Pill Reviews

Due to the high serving size, Major Curves butt pills do hold some promise. However, when combining the large number of reported side effects and paid-for reviews, it seems that purchasing these booty pills is clearly a risk. If the risk seems worth it, customers should only buy the product directly from the Major Curves site so they can make sure to get some of their money back if no results are seen.

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Major Curves butt enhancement pills boldly claim that they are the top in the industry. They state that their formula has double the power of anyone else’s and that their customers report butt size increases up to 31%. This all sounds promising, but is it too good to be true?

ew major curves pillsWell, first, their formula does appear to be quite a bit stronger than most, offering 1,036 mg per serving of their proprietary blend. However, upon further inspection, it seems that users have to take two pills per day to constitute a full serving, while the majority of other booty pills only require one per day. So this easily explains why their serving size seems so much more substantial than the rest.

But it doesn’t really matter how big their serving size is if the ingredients aren’t effective. So what can be found in Major Curves butt pills? They have a lot of recognizable and proven components, such as the Saw Palmetto for muscle growth and Wild Yam, Fenugreek Seed, and Dong Quai for the necessary estrogen boost. After that, the Major Curves label lists seemingly meaningless items – at least as far as butt enhancement is concerned. For example, the Blessed Thistle is supposed to enhance appetite (which can cause weight gain over the entire body) and the Kelp simply provides extra nutrients.

bitch pleaseThe most alarming thing about the Major Curves ingredient list is that Maca Root is nowhere to be found. It is one of the most proven supplements for boosting muscle growth and regulating hormones, so it’s a little bit of a shock that it’s absent.

Something else interesting to note is that the Major Curves website proudly announces that it is recommended by a doctor. However, the name of the doctor, or any kind of scientific evidence to prove this claim, is nowhere to be found. It is simply a marketing line with nothing of substance to back it up.

Does Major Curves Pills Really Work?

According to the Major Curves reviews, taking this butt enhancement supplement can produce results. Many customers give props to the booty pills for giving them the rump of their dreams, and the Major Curves before and after pictures do appear to be legitimate. However, on the other end of the spectrum, there are several users that claim the Major Curves results they experienced were only temporary. As soon as they stopped taking the pills, their plumper derrieres disappeared. Considering the Major Curves website clearly states their results are permanent, this is not a good thing to hear. Not only that, but several people reported headaches, depression, and acne as side effects.

But even more unsettling is the fact that several people have reported that the company is offering free product in exchange for positive reviews on third-party sites. And the company isn’t even shy about. On their actual website, Major Curves offers a free three-month supply to anyone who submits a testimonial that is featured on the site. Obviously, bribery can make people say untrue things, so each positive review should be ignored. Even if some customers are seeing bigger booties, it’s impossible to know who was compensated for their comments.



  • All of the ingredients are natural.
  • The company clearly states it takes several months to see results, which is important because immediate results aren’t probable with this type of product.
  • The booty pills are made in the USA.
  • Major Curves offers a money back guarantee for a full six months after the product is ordered.


  • The money back guarantee is only valid on items purchased directly from their site and it only offers a refund of 80% of the purchase price.
  • There is no proof of a doctor actually recommending their product.
  • Major Curves butt pills have caused less-than-pleasant side effects in several people.
  • Their formula is missing Maca Root, one of the most effective supplements for butt enhancement.



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