Lose Weight Without Losing Your Curves

Jokes are often made about how it seems like when we start dieting, we always lose weight from the worst places possible: namely our butts (and, to be honest, boobs.) People with a few extra pounds can definitely get the right kind of attention when they go out just because they absolutely rock their curves, but sometimes those extra pounds just need to be shed. But how do you lose weight without losing your curves? Well… the good news is that it IS possible!

Besides just telling your butt to stay as is (which hasn’t really worked out for us, trust us — we’ve tried), we have some helpful tips and facts about how the body works to target certain areas when dieting and not others.

Counting Calories to Lose Weight without Losing Your Curves

foodCounting calories may help some people stay on track, but it can get to be an unhealthy obsession pretty quickly.

You can invest in an online tracker for calories like My Fitness Pal for a good estimation of what you’re eating. They won’t get it to be perfect, but you’ll get pretty close as long you’re being diligent about recording your food intake.

Adding more lean meats into your diet along with avocados, nuts, olive oil, salmon and complex carbohydrates like whole grains can help you keep the luscious booty you don’t want to lose, and skip the jiggly thighs and stomach. Obviously keep your starches, sugars and fried foods to the absolute bare minimum.


Muscle and Fat: It’s Not a Battle

Muscle and fat are both things you need to stay healthy and well-balanced. When that balance is shifted toward fat though, you can actually start building back up the muscle as a method for losing fat.

How to Build Muscle for a Bigger Butt

Muscle building may seem complicated, but we promise it’s not. Some simple lifestyle changes can help in big ways.

  • Get More Protein: A good rule of thumb is to make sure that every meal and snack has some protein to it.
  • Lift Heavy: A lot of women are afraid of the weights, simply because they’re afraid of “bulking up”, but the truth is that most women have more estrogen than testosterone, keeping them from “bulking up”, so lifting heavy is a great way to add muscle to the butt.
  • Supplement: Supplementing with amino acids, proteins, and superfoods (like maca) is the best way to keep your muscles growing instead of shrinking.

You’re killing two birds with one stone here: your plump booty is still keeping its shape but it’s being toned up as you burn the fat off. You’ll also see a benefit throughout your body as your energy reserves will use up whatever they can.

People often forget too that you’re not just burning calories when you work out. Your body is busy replacing those lost calories all day, and building back up the muscle will take a lot out of you too. When you work out, your body is busy getting your strength back for the rest of the day and even as you sleep. It’s just one more reason to feel good about your workouts.

Hormones and You

Besides being somewhat gross, hormones play an important role in pretty much everything we do. Our moods, decisions and workouts are all effected by them. Hormones are actually one of the biggest keys to losing weight without losing your curves.

If you want the right curves in the right places, then estrogen is really the source that helps with that. Hips and butts look much fuller with healthy doses of this particular hormone.

You should know by know that you also have low levels of the anti-estrogen, testosterone, in your body and it definitely will not help you maintain your feminine shape.

The good news is that working out regularly and eating healthy foods will decrease your testosterone, making a bigger butt easier to attain.

You can also eat more soy-based fresh foods like edamame and even drink a touch more coffee to help keep your estrogen levels up.

Simple Things to Do

If you’re serious about losing the weight, then you need to start making the changes now. Here are a few small places you can start!

  • Swap out the canola oil for olive oil, substitute avocado spread instead of aioli, crunch on nuts instead of chips or pretzels, order garlic edamame at a restaurant instead of garlic bread.
  • Do a butt-focused workout three times a week; change it up and use whatever resources you can (online, trainers, books, etc) to get the right workouts for your body.

Whatever it is, remember that what you put into your body affects everything else you do. Your butt is one of your favorite features at this point, and you don’t want to lose it. The right fats give you the oomph, while the right workouts give you the height and tone. The less processed food inside you, the less chance you’ll have that your belly or arms will start to make waves for you.

Along with the right diet, you’ll need to start creating workouts that target your butt. Too much cardio can be a huge enemy at this point, because you’ll potentially start to see your butt decrease without much else happening on your body (Belly fat is normally the first thing to go, but you’ve probably got some reserves in your trunk too).

Nothing is more discouraging than these kinds of results. Squat, lunges and hip extensions should all be a part of your routine at least 2 to 3 times a week.

You need to be able to feel the burn both during and after your workouts to know that you’re giving it everything you’ve got. Keep yourself on track, and start getting that booty-hugging skirt out and ready to go.

You can also try to supplement your diet and workout with butt enhancement pills like Gluteboost or appetite suppression pills. You’ll also likely be drinking coffee (to help with estrogen levels of course, not because you drank too much last night) which is also an appetite suppressant.

Whatever you do, stay healthy and remember that moderation is key. And for goodness sake, stay hydrated and energized! The more water you take in, the more likely you are to lose weight. Water both fills you up and increases your metabolism. On average, people ingest 75 fewer calories in a meal just by drinking a glass of water before they eat.



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