IsoSensuals CURVE Pills: Scientifically Proven with Questionable Ethics


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At first glance, IsoSensuals CURVE pills seem to provide something special. They claim they are better than all of the rest because their butt pills are the only ones offering a time-released formula. So it makes sense why a customer would want to give them a shot.

The good news is that the IsoSensuals CURVE pills do provide a decent amount of proven ingredients. For example, the Maca Root, Saw Palmetto, and Soy Isoflavones do help boost muscle growth, while the Don Quai, Fenugreek, and Wild Yam will encourage estrogen production. However, the rest of the ingredients, like the Vitex, False Unicorn, and Aguaje just seem to be fillers. And with so many ingredients, it begs the question if there is even enough of the potent ones to make a difference.

Do IsoSensuals CURVE Pills Work?

It’s the million-dollar question that everyone wants to know. And if the IsoSensuals CURVE reviews were viewed at a glance, it would seem like the products are indeed quite effective. There are hundreds of satisfied customers that rave about how amazing their results are. But then the truth is revealed. Several buyers admit that they were offered a free bottle of the butt pills in exchange for a positive review.

With this in mind, it is important to consider each review carefully, giving more clout to the negative ones (since those people probably weren’t compensated). So while some people do say they experienced results with the butt pills, several of them said that they not only gained volume in their butt and hips, but also on their thighs–which no woman wants. But this is no surprise, since the company actually advertises thigh growth on their website. Interesting.



  • The IsoSensuals CURVE pills promise impressive results after six months of use.
  • The ingredients are all natural, and many of them are proven effective.
  • They offer a 60-day guarantee, and will even take back empty bottles.
  • IsoSensuals CURVE pills are made in the United States.


  • It is apparent that IsoSensuals CURVE is offering free product for raving reviews, which brings down the believability factor of these reviews dramatically.
  • They claim to be doctor endorsed; yet the name of the doctor is nowhere to be found.
  • They proudly advertise FDA approved facilities on their website, but this is a marketing trick since the actual supplement cannot be FDA approved.
  • Weight gain in unfavorable places has been reported with use of the IsoSensuals CURVE pills.


Does IsoSenuals Work?
  • Effectiveness - 6/10
  • Money Back Guarantee - 10/10
  • Customer Service - 6.5/10
  • Company Appearance - 8/10

IsoSenuals Reviews

Even though the IsoSensuals CURVE cream claims to be clinically proven, the ingredients remain a mystery and the reviews can’t be trusted. However, the money-back guarantee does seem legit, so it’s not a total loss if the cream doesn’t work. Purchase cautiously.

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