IsoSensuals CURVE Cream: Mystery Ingredients and Paid-for Reviews

Does Isosensuals CURVE Work?
  • Effectiveness - 6/10
  • Money Back Guarantee - 10/10
  • Customer Service - 7/10
  • Company Appearance - 7/10

Isosensuals Reviews

Even though the IsoSensuals CURVE cream claims to be clinically proven, the ingredients remain a mystery and the reviews can’t be trusted. However, the money-back guarantee does seem legit, so it’s not a total loss if the cream doesn’t work. Purchase cautiously.


With a quick glance of their website, it appears that IsoSensuals CURVE cream may be the best choice out there. That’s because they claim to be the only clinically proven butt cream on the market, which is obviously a desirable feature. But upon further examination, a few red flags arise.

First off, the IsoSensuals CURVE cream is a big mystery. Sure, the website says it is a patented, proven formula, but the actual ingredients are nowhere to be found. Not only that, but they brag about the maximum increase of 18% growth that was recorded during their highly marketed clinical trial; however, the more important statistic – the average amount of growth – is a mere 4%. And frankly, the IsoSensuals cream before and after photos aren’t even that impressive. The enviable results that are shown don’t even offer a before picture for comparison.

Does IsoSensuals CURVE Cream Work?

When skimming the reviews, the IsoSensuals butt cream shows promise. A staggering number of people go on and on about how amazing their butt looks, and they owe it all to the magical powers of the IsoSensuals CURVE cream. But when these comments are read completely, it becomes apparent that the company is offering a free bottle of their cream to anyone who leaves a positive review.

With that knowledge, it is important to disregard the stellar IsoSensuals CURVE results and focus on the less-than-favorable ones. Upon reading these, the actual effectiveness of the product becomes questionable. The users of the IsoSensuals CURVE cream admit that the product does smell wonderful, but it is essentially a glorified moisturizer. A few people even said the butt cream gave them an itchy rash. Yikes.


  • The IsoSensuals CURVE cream can supposedly produce results in as little as a month.
  • The product is backed with a 60-day guarantee, even if the bottle is empty.
  • IsoSensuals CURVE is created in the U.S.A.


  • The positive reviews can’t be seriously considered because the user was likely compensated for their kind words.
  • Even though the website says the product is doctor endorsed, no doctor is actually mentioned.
  • The ingredients in the IsoSensuals CURVE cream are not listed anywhere.
  • Some users report itchy rashes from the butt cream.



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