How to Get a Bigger Butt Fast with Exercise

When you want to upgrade your backside, you’ve got options—from creams, pills, and workout programs to surgical solutions. By far one of the most effective, low-risk ways to get a bigger butt is to move it. If you want to get a bigger butt fast with exercise, these steps will help you work your way to the curves you want. Not only do they enlarge your derriere (if you do it right), but it also results in a sexier, more glowing physique from head to toe.

No workout is complete without a solid nutrition plan, learn more with our article, The Art of Healthy Fats: The Best Foods for a Bigger Butt.

The secret to the best butt-boosting workouts has everything to do with targeted moves as well as variety and full-body cardio. These tips, coupled with a little dedication on your part, can and will work magic.

3 Ways to Get a Bigger Butt Fast with Exercise

Ditch the targeted “spot training” plans.

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Targeted fat loss just doesn’t work. That’s why when people ask how to get a bigger butt fast with exercise, the answer is more than just one thing. The era of the Thighmaster and Stairclimber has passed—with less than stellar results—and physical trainers now agree that slimming down an area requires cardio that burns stores of fat from all over your body.

Spot-training will build muscle in a certain area—in this case, your gluteus maximus—which is definitely a good thing. But if you’re looking to slim down your love handles and hamstrings in order to achieve that perfect Brazilian butt, you’re going to have to realize that fat loss is a whole-body process.

Keep it simple.


The marketing ploys designed to promote “muscle confusion”  and advocate for exercises targeting different areas of your butt leave a lot to be desired—like, real information. Bodybuilders and weight trainers know that building muscle in any specific area of your body requires repetition, increasing weight, and dedication to keep at it. It’s that simple.

Target your hamstrings, too.

Any workout that targets your butt but leaves your hamstrings out in the cold is going to produces less-than-stellar results. The truth is, a showstopping butt requires pretty showstopping hamstrings, too. Think of them as pillars for your fantastic, gravity-defying butt. Strong hamstring muscles also support the glutes, resulting in a more lifted, bubble-butt look.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we’ll jump to the top moves for growing your butt! Remember that form is everything, so if you start to lose your form during any of these moves, stop and take a few breaths to recover before attempting another set. You’re better off doing fewer reps with perfect form than a higher number in a compromised position.

Top Butt-Building Exercises for a Bigger Butt Fast

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The Squat

It’s notorious for a reason. When done correctly, the squat is a pain in the ass—because it’s great for your ass. Squats work your lower body, and especially your butt muscles, better than any other exercise.’s Article on Squats will help you hone your technique for maximum results. Your knees should never be ahead of your toes; bend from the waist and keep your butt out behind you as you lower yourself down. The deeper you can go, the better. Deep squats use more muscles and help build an incredible lower body. Muscle For Life also suggests using a wider stance—around 125-150% of shoulder width—for best results.

The Deadlift

Deadlifts give you a great full-body workout while fully engaging the glutes and hamstrings. Though it takes some practice to really master the deadlift (proper form is EVERYTHING here), once you’ve got it, you have an incredible move to add to your arsenal that’ll help boost your butt more effectively than just about anything else.

The Lunge

Though most people think of the lunge as more of a thigh exercise, the truth is that it also relies heavily on butt muscles to pull you back up to a standing position. Once you’ve mastered the lunge with just your bodyweight, add dumbbells or dumbbells to the mix  and gradually increase your weights for an incredibly effective butt workout that really makes your glutes pop.

If you want truly top-notch results or don’t trust exercise alone to get you the results you want, pairing your butt-boosting exercise regimen with butt enhancement creams or pills can help the process along.


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