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Does Gluteboost Work?
  • Effectiveness - 8.5/10
  • Money Back Guarantee - 10/10
  • Customer Service - 10/10
  • Company Appearance - 9.5/10

Gluteboost Cream Reviews

When a natural butt enhancement cream is desired, Gluteboost is definitely an excellent choice. It contains proven ingredients that transform the butt from the inside and out. That being said, the user will want to document their progress in photographs to be able to redeem the money-back guarantee (in the rare chance it is needed).

User Rating: 3.8 (10 votes)

Gluteboost cream

Gluteboost raves about offering the number one butt enhancement cream in the world. They say that after years of intense research they were able to create the most effective and most potent butt cream on the market. But is this claim really true? It would appear that it very well could be. Just one glance at the ingredient list, and it is obvious that the booty cream enhances both the interior structure and outside appearance of the butt. Gluteboost’s butt enhancement cream does this by offering a proprietary formula that contains Volufiline and Voluplus, which claim to amp up the volume of the rear by stimulating the growth of the adipose tissue and promoting the fat lipids to store where the butt cream is applied. Even though it’s not exactly clear what these two ingredients are derived from, the clinically tested booty cream also contains recognized components, such as cocoa butter and aloe. These work to improve the outside appearance of the butt by reducing stretch marks and cellulite.

One thing that makes Gluteboost stand out from the other butt creams on the market is that the company is honest. They say right from the get-go that the results will not be immediate, and that their booty cream is meant to enhance the efforts of exercise and diet, not replace them.


Does Gluteboost Cream Really Work?

Brittni-3What it really comes down to is how amazing the butt enhancement cream is; and this is where Gluteboost shines. According to its reviewers, the butt cream smells delicious, isn’t sticky, and provides impressive firming and butt boosting results.

While these reviews are certainly notable, the most remarkable part about them is that no one ever mentions receiving any form of compensation for their reviews (which can’t be said about many other butt creams on the market). That means that when a review of the Gluteboost cream is read, the reader can be assured the opinion is an honest one.

For complete exposure, Gluteboost also offers an online forum where actual users can go to talk about their experiences with the product. Not only is every topic fair game, the members post photos of their results in real time. Gluteboost’s admin even joins in on the discussion, which is pretty awesome.



  • Each review can be trusted completely.
  • Their online community offers an inside look at what it’s really like to use the butt cream.
  • All of the ingredients are proven to provide lasting results.
  • The cream contains all-natural ingredients in potent amounts.
  • It can be purchased with peace of mind, since Gluteboost offers an impressive 100% money-back guarantee after four months of use.
  • Gluteboost has a proven track record of satisfied customers and is a top-seller in over 500 countries.
  • The toll-free number provided leads to an actual human being located in the U.S.



  • It is not 100% clear what all of the ingredients are comprised of, although they do seem to be effective.
  • It can take a year to notice the full results from the product.
  • The money-back guarantee is only valid if the customer can provide pictures to prove they did not achieve any results.



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