7 People Who Make Getting a Bigger Booty Look Easy

Need some inspiration when it comes to getting a bigger booty? These women (and one guy) are it. Check out the 7 hottest Instagrammers that spell #buttspiration in all of the best ways, and learn their stories!

When Personal Trainer Meets #GirlBoss

Rosa-Accosta---Getting-a-Bigger-BootyMiss Rosa takes #girlbossing to the next level. Not only does she sport a fierce wardrobe, Rosa is committed to rocking everything from ballet shoes to yoga pants with sheer STRENGTH. She brings her training to life for her followers and shows what dramatic results are possible when you stick to the process.

3 Tips on Getting a Bigger Booty You Can Learn from Rosa Accosta

  • Fitness is a Lifestyle Choice
    It’s so important to realize, YOU pick what matters in your life. If you WANT to get a bigger ass, you gotta make it a priority to get your butt in the gym or do a few squats on your lunch break.
  • Fitness and Fashion Do NOT Have to Be Rivals
    If anything, your fitness journey should make you gain confidence, not just gain a booty. That means that you should be able to rock your fierce just as well as the next chic, if that’s what you’re into.
  • Never Stop Setting Goals
    One of the biggest lessons we can take from Rosa is maybe the most easy. Don’t ever stop setting goals. It’s easy to get down on yourself, but you know what, get back up! You have what you need.

#1 Booty on Instagram Winner, @JenSelter

Jen Selter on Getting a Bigger Booty


Rated #1 best butt on Instagram, Jen Selter (@jenselter) has 8.8 million followers. Part genetic lottery, part hard work, Jen has perfected the art of getting a bigger booty. This rising star’s journey started when she was working behind the front counter of a gym.

When interviewed by the famous Elle Magazine, Jen reported, “It’s so crazy. I never expected [my following] to get as high as it did. When my friends graduated from high school, I went to cosmetology school for makeup, and on the side I was working at a gym. And I’ve always been a social media freak. The computer, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.”

She says the environment rubbed off on her–she started seeing amazing changes in others’ bodies, so she decided to see what she could accomplish herself. It turns out she could accomplish a lot. Featured in several national publication’s Jen’s Instagram fame has seemingly gone mainstream, and her positive attitude, helpful tips, and #buttspiration makes her one of our faves by far.

The Art of Transformation

Known as @ampollo on Instagram, Amy Pollock shares dramatic before and after images on Instagram, documenting her journey from meh to incredibly fit. We just could NOT not include Amy when talking about getting a bigger butt.

This insta-star has gone from flat to fab over the years and takes the time to share her success story with thousands of people across the web. She regularly posts workout videos and has committed to keeping herself a priority.

After quitting her childhood love of figure skating, she says her routine fizzled out a bit. Around 2012, she decided to make a change and it looks like getting a bigger booty was definitely one of them! Today, Amy is an engineer with some dream ASSets, and she promotes an easy-to-do fitness routine for women who are busy doing what most of us are doing, WORKING hard. Amy posted her before and after with some AWESOME words of wisdom.

AmyPollock on getting a bigger butt

3 Things Amy Pollock Says about Progress

  • Have I gone into each training session with a CLEAR plan and purpose in mind?
    AKA have you been following a set program, timing your rest periods, and working to lift more over time.
  • Have I been eating at a caloric surplus for an extended period of time? 
    AKA consistently eating more food than you are now.
  • Have I been patient enough with results to stick to my program?
    Any program can work if you stick to it long enough to see results (4-6 weeks), after that you need to follow a program specific to your goals to keep seeing results.

    What you don’t see in this picture are the hours spent planning my workouts and nutrition to be as effective as possible, the extra meals I ate (and didn’t always want), the less lean “progress” stages, or the many days spent feeling impatient and hopeless. What made the difference? I STUCK TO IT. Even when I felt “soft”, too tired, too full, or impatient, I persisted.


Fashionista Meets Fitinista, When Working Out is Sexy

Hannah Bronfman@HannahBronfman is a self-proclaimed workout enthusiast, food lover, and professional DJ. Her butt–and her fitness routine–inspire hundreds of thousands of women who aspire to similar curves, and Hannah’s 310,000 followers follow her for her down-to-earth, real shots of everything from breakfast to workouts to friends, not just selfies.

It’s so important to remember when you’re researching how to get a bigger booty, you remember that most people weren’t born loving the gym. It’s something you choose and grow to love.

Her colorful, fashion-forward blog style instagram keeps you engaged and her health and fitness blog poses simple challenges to help you get the body, mind, and soul of your dreams.

The curvy Manhattanite has enjoyed social media fame thanks to her Instagram and SnapChat accounts, where she shares style tips, favorite foods and restaurants, and snippets from life as a corporate DJ.


Getting Your Booty Back after a Baby


Known as @GetBodiedBy_J on Instagram, this fitness coach proves first hand, motherhood doesn’t have to end your health goals. If you lose your butt after having a baby, you CAN get it back.

J’s maintained over 509k with posts that inspire and teach others how to get their best body (including, of course, getting a bigger booty).

J’s trademark hourglass shape and motivational posts make it look easy to stay strong and build your body one workout and meal at a time.

A Man’s Perspective on a Bigger Booty


Obviously guys can rock incredible, hard-earned butts, too. If you’ve ever done any of the Insanity workouts, you know that weak-kneed feeling you get when you’re dreading another ridiculously challenging HIIT routine, and you know how easy Shaun T makes it look to do moves that make the rest of us want to melt into the floor. The best part of getting a bigger butt with exercise is how much of a bad ass you feel like after you’ve finished a hard workout.

Shaun T’s body–and in particular, his perfectly-proportioned glutes and thighs–are part of the secret to that kind of strength, and he shares many of his tips and tricks through his posts.

Getting a Bigger Booty is Possible at Any Age

Chicken Tuna Instagram Booty

Laura Gordon, a fitness enthusiast and Instagram phenom, says she was able to get a bigger booty by working hard, and believing in herself. Known more commonly as @cttchickentuna on Instagram and ChickenTuna on tumblr, this girl has over 500k followers. Laura is proof that fitness doesn’t have an age limit–she’s well into her 30’s and her body is looking better than ever.

Today, her goal is to show women that being fit even into your 40’s doesn’t have to be an anomaly–anyone can (and should) do it for themselves. That includes getting a bigger booty, at any age!

People all over the world are dying to know what she has to say about getting a bigger booty. Being a huge advocate of getting down and dirty in the gym, Laura says she started out by doing workout videos at home to motivate other people.


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