7 Unique Ways to Get a Booty Worth a Million Bucks

Amazing butts aren’t just attributable to genes. By taking these steps to make your booty look bigger, you’ll optimize what nature gave you–and you might be surprise how great your own butt can be. These perky booty tips will work for anyone, no matter where you’re starting out, and most importantly, help you get a booty worth staring atget-a-booty-blog-featured-image.

7 Ways to Get a Booty You Probably Never Thought Of

1) Not All Panties Are Created Equal


While everyone hates a big panty-line, there’s something to be said about full-on briefs. I am definitely pro thong / G-String on date nights and special events, but a lot of people have been noted saying wearing them too often not only encourages cellulite, but it can make your butt sag a lot more easily.

Going with briefs as many days as possible is your best bet, and when you can bare it, you can even PROMOTE a good shape by consistently wearing shape wear.  Sometimes you just want a little extra help in the butt department. Shapewear is a quick fix that’s perfect for special events or days you want to look better than your best, so don’t feel like you’re cheating. You’re just giving yourself a boost, much like you would with a push-up bra and when you’re trying to get a booty worth staring at, we can’t afford to be shy!

2) Posture and a Bubble Butt

Your mom was right about this one–the right posture improves everything. And it can work wonders for your butt. You’ll look more confident, your butt will look curvier, and you’ll look slimmer all over. Can’t remember to stand up straight? Try this 15-minute routine for better posture from RealSimple magazine.

3) When in Doubt, Work it Out – Try a Quick Butt Building Workout

If you want a fantastic butt, it helps if you actually make your butt do some work. Try this 15-minute YouTube video for a complete at-home lower body workout that will build your booty muscles in no time.

4) Pay attention to pockets.

If you’ve never thought about it before, think about it now. The shape and size of your pockets make a big impact on the way your butt looks to others. Smaller pockets make your butt look bigger, while adornments on the top of your back pockets–like flaps that button–can make your butt look rounder and curvier.

5) Pills, Potions, and Other Butt Enhancement Tools

You put moisturizer on your face every morning and night, so why not take the same care with your butt? There are a lot of options out there and we have a TON of reviews on the site from users of the products so you know what works, but it’s definitely worth considering some lotion specially tailored to the derierre. Butt enhancement creams make your butt skin silky smooth and firm and help plump your butt over time; and who doesn’t want that?

Adding a butt enhancement pill to your morning routine can make a huge difference in your butt in just a few months. They can complement your diet and workout routine to build a strong, perky booty you’ll want to show off.

6) What to Eat for a Bigger Booty

Building a strong, beautiful butt takes work, and if you give your body the right building blocks, it’ll build a perkier booty–particularly if you’re exercising, too. You’ll definitely want things like proteins and healthy fats to get you where you need to go. When in doubt, we have a guide on what to eat for a bigger butt.


7) Dare to Be Bold

Bright-colored bottoms draw attention to your behind, so if you want to make your booty look bigger and curvier, stay way from navy blue, brown, or black, and shoot for a rainbow hue instead. You’ll be glad you did.





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