10 Reasons to Get a Bigger Butt (with gifs!)

Appreciation for a curvaceous rear is at an all time high, and we think that’s great. It’s not just about looking better; there are a ton of other reasons to get a bigger butt.

1. Bigger butts are heart healthier.

People who have bigger butts tend to have better heart health. One theory links the Omega-3 fatty acids that protect your heart also give you a better butt.


2. Girls with bigger butts are smarter and more intuitive.

In studies, the hormones that enhance your butt also increase your levels of intuition, making you more attuned to the feelings of those around you. Studies have also linked high IQ with a larger hip size.


3. Bigger butts can save your lower back.

When you have well-developed glutes, they take on more of the burden when you walk. With less developed butt muscles, your back, hips and knees do more of the work, which can lead to back strain.

4. Bigger butts are more attractive.

Science confirms it! Evolutionary psychologists say that men prefer a lady with a bigger booty because of the way it augments the curvature of the spine. This leads to a lower risk of injury during pregnancy, which makes a woman more attractive from an evolutionary perspective.

5. A bigger butt means a smarter baby!

In one study, researchers found that the children of curvier women have higher IQs than the children of their slimmer peers. Higher levels of Omega-3s augment brain development as much as they do a better butt.

6. Bigger butts can make pregnancy a tiny bit easier.

When you have a bun in the oven, that’s a lot of extra weight on the front of your body. A bigger butt serves as a counterweight, improving your balance, protecting your spine and saving you from strain.

7. Big butts can protect against diabetes.

The hormones that give you those great curves also do a lot of good on the inside. Women with bigger butts have hormones that help them metabolize sugar more effectively, significantly cutting their chances of developing diabetes.

8. Big butts = healthier squats.

Your hamstrings, the muscles that run down the backs of your legs, are prone to injuries. But, when you have strong and well-developed glute muscles, them help protect you from injury during exercises like squats.


9. A bigger butt means a sweeter silhouette.

People with smaller butts often wind up with posture where they tilt their hips forward and stick their tailbones out. This pushes out your abdomen, making it look like you have a bigger belly than you really do. A bigger butt helps your posture, which makes you look both slimmer and curvier.

10. A big butt can protect your bones.

If you have a small, flat butt, you know how much it hurts to fall on it. It’s easy to wind up with bruises or even stress fractures from a fall. A bigger butt provides some cushion which can help prevent injuries.


Basically, The Key to Life is to Get a Bigger Butt…

With all of these benefits — in addition to the hotter look of a rounder bottom — you have more reasons than ever to work to get a bigger butt. Whether you’re using butt enhancement supplements or you’re squatting your way to happiness, getting a bigger butt is clearly the answer.


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