Do Waist Trimmers Work ? Beauty Hacks Worth Questioning

Everyone’s doing it, from Kim Kardashian to Jessica Alba, in search of the perfect figure–the trim waist and curvy backside that every woman wants. But do waist trainers work for everyone? According to experts, it depends–on the extent to which you use waist cinchers and the results you’re looking for.

What are waist trainers?

Waist trainers are basically corsets that, when worn over time, are supposed to result in a thinner, more streamlined waist. Trainers are different than waist trimmers, which are usually made out of a stretchy material like latex and are worn during a workout.

Waist trimmers are intended to help sweat off pounds while working out and to support abdominal muscles. Some women swear by them as a postpartum support garment to help aid in recovery after pregnancy, but that really left us asking, “how do waist trimmers work for us?”

Do Waist Trimmers Work for Weight Loss

The short answer is yes, they do work. That said, they don’t tend to help you lose much (if any) fat. Most, the results you get by wearing a waist trimmer are temporary and that makes them perfect for giving you a curvier, more hourglass shape that draws attention to a curvy butt and bosom for a special event. And with trainers available at a huge variety of price ranges–from $50 to $500+–they’re accessible to pretty much anyone who wants to try it.

BUM Boutique offers a neoprene waist trimmer for somewhere in the neighborhood of $10.00.

Experts warn against excessive waist training (meaning the non-stretchy, steel-boned type of corset). If a trainer or trimmer ever causes pain, it needs to be loosened or removed so it doesn’t restrict breathing or cause other health problems.

Celebs that Made Waist Trimmers Work

do waist trimmers workKim and Khloe Kardashian started a tidal wave of interest in waist training by posting photos like this on Instagram.

Both Kardashian sisters have been spotted using waist trainers to snag that hourglass figure that’s so desirable right now. Kim says that though she loves the gym, “a little help never hurt anybody.”

Jessica Alba confessed to using waist trainers before they were popular, saying not only that they do work, but that they helped her get her figure back after she gave birth. Jessica acknowledged that it wasn’t for everyone; she wore trainers day and night for three months after having her baby.

Other celebs like Nicole Polizzi, Kim Kociak, and Jenni Farley all waist train and promote their favorite brands to cinch their waist.

What do Experts Say About Waist Trimmers?

Most people aren’t satisfied with the “temporary” answer, it was important to also find if waist trimmers do work, how long do they work for?

Experts say that waist trainers are great for short-term fixes but shouldn’t be worn long-term and shouldn’t be uncomfortably tight. Your best bet to snag an hourglass figure? Eat a smart, nutritious diet and establish an exercise routine of waist-whittling, glute-boosting moves and take healthy good-for-you supplements.

If you are going to wear a waist trainer long term, it’s vital to make sure you keep exercising, too–or you run the danger of atrophied abs because while wearing the trainer, you’ll actually have to use your abs less. 

Keep in mind that scoring an hourglass figure is about more than just your waist. Building a bigger booty through diet, exercise, and butt enhancement pills and creams will also make your waist look smaller and give you the hourglass look you want. Check out @aleleo31 on Instagram–her routine involves Gluteboost and hard work. The same routine will pay off for you too! All and all, we can finally shift the question from, do waist trimmers work , to what benefits do we get from waist trimmers, and are those worth the cost?


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