Does Booty Cream Enhancement Really Work?

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Booty cream enhancement lotions are creams that you can buy to increase the size and appearance of your butt. They come in all sorts of varieties, but with the buzz around butt enhancement and getting a bigger butt floating all around the internet, people everywhere are looking for ways to give their workouts and efforts a little boost.

One search for butt enhancement cream online shows you that there’s no shortage in companies claiming that their products can give you real results; but do they work?

How do Booty Cream Enhancement Work?

do booty creams work

The good news is that not all companies are full of crap; there is reason to believe that butt enhancement cream can actually work. Now, keep in mind this is not a miracle panacea. Just like everything else, it takes a combination of things to completely change the way your body is; but it can work for the following:

  • Make your butt bigger by a little bit
  • Add firmness and good shape to the butt
  • Smooth skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite

The concept of booty cream enhancement is simple; you use a combination of ingredients that are good for your skin and ingredients that stimulate fat cell production and you use it repeatedly in the same spot for results.

High end butt enhancement companies are hard to find, but when you buy from a boutique-style or high end butt enhancement product, you’re much more likely to see the results that you’re looking for and to improve the overall look of your butt.

Is Booty Cream Enhancement Permanent?

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It’s important to consider that without long-term use (3-6 months, at least) these results are likely to be temporary. But if you do stick out the few months, the results should be lasting and give you a pretty decent boost. If you combine this with fitness and diet changes as well as supplementing, you’ll see a good improvement.

What are the Side Effects of Butt Enhancement Cream?

Since butt enhancement cream is just a lotion, there are very few (if any) “side effects”, most of the ingredients in a high quality cream are going to moisturize and strengthen your skin.

Low quality butt enhancement creams can leave oils and residues that damage your clothing.

Some of them can smell bad (make sure to ask, or check reviews for that) and some can break out your skin if you’re not careful.

The Ingredients in Booty Cream Enhancement Products

The ingredients in your chosen product are everything. High quality products have high quality ingredients that add to the quality of your skin, not take away from it. Make sure to check the ingredients before you purchase a cream.

Vitamin E, Aloe, Cocoa butter are all must-haves and will all help your skin stay healthy and blemish free.

That said, you need to make sure the booty cream you choose has quality active ingredients, most have either “volufiline” or “voluplus”, those are the ingredients that stimulate fat growth. The best products have both.


How to Know Where to Buy Butt Cream

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There are a LOT of butt enhancement companies floating around the internet all claiming to have the BEST product out there. It’s so important to do your research, and look at the credibility of the companies you’re buying from.

  • What are the customers saying?
    Current customers hold the key to knowing if the product you’re interested in really works. Be observant of what they’re saying. It’s not all black and white, read the reviews, read the company’s responses.


  • How professional does the company look?
    Do they have a phone number, is their site clean and organized, do they have a real logo and brand? These are all important things to look at; usually, if a company looks sketchy, they are. Companies that look like they pasted their label on something they picked up at the dollar store are probably ones you want to avoid.


  • Can you talk to a real person?
    It’s not necessary for a company to always have someone on hand to talk to, but it is important that they have operating hours and a phone number where you can reach a real person. If they’re anonymous and have no way to contact their reps, that’s a definite red flag.


  • Can they answer your questions?
    Shamelessly ask questions of the company you’re considering purchasing from. If they can’t explain how their product works, it probably doesn’t.


  • Is there a money back guarantee, what is it?
    A company that believes in their product will guarantee it. This way, if it DOESN’T work, you can at very least get your investment back to try something else. Make sure to ask how the money back guarantee works.


Like anything else, buying booty creams can be tough; just take your time, do your research, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.



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