Dime Curves Pills: Proceed with Caution

dime curves review

The Dime Curves website proudly announces that they are the top selling booty pills since 2009. They promise an increased butt size and all of the confidence that goes along with it. So how do they do it? With a heavy dose of estrogen activating ingredients that will encourage fat cells to store in all the right places. So much so that Dime Curves pills advertise both booty and boob growth. This is a plus for some and a negative for others.

So what about the ingredients? First off, Dime Curves bigger butt pills are 100% natural, which is great, but what is a little off-putting is that they claim to be the only natural booty pills on the market. Clearly, that is not true. Kind of makes one wonder what else they are saying that is false. Regardless, their ingredient list does seem impressive.

Their top is ingredient is Maca Root, which has been proven to be successful at boosting muscle growth in the bum. Additionally, they offer some Dong Quai, Fenugreek, and Wild Yam to naturally increase estrogen production. One less-than-ideal aspect is that the only place these ingredients are mentioned is in the FAQ section of Dime Curves website, and it’s not clear if an effective amount is present.

dime curves reviews shockedWhen it comes to their money-back guarantee, there is a lot to be desired. For starters, Dime Curves only offers a guarantee if the 9-month supply is purchased. It’s not if the booty pills have been used for nine months; it’s if they were purchased all at one time with their $500 package. If that’s not ridiculous enough, based on the wording of the guarantee, it seems like the customer has to call on the exact nine-month anniversary of their order date (they state it can’t be before nine months, but it can’t be after nine months either). Yeah, because everyone keeps track of that.

Does Dime Curves Work?

It’s kind of hard to know for sure. They are not for sale on any large third-party websites that offer customer reviews; however, there are a few forum members who talk freely about their experience with the booty pills. Some of the Dime Curves reviews are positive, even though they say it took a year or more to really see results. Others believe the bigger butt pills are a scam, that they caused them to gain weight everywhere, and that they induced massive gas and bloating. Based on the very limited feedback available, it seems that Dime Curves results can be seen if taken consistently every day for a year.


  • The ingredients in Dime Curves pills are proven and natural.
  • They do offer a money-back guarantee, kind of.
  • Only one pill needs to be taken each day.
  • Some people do believe the booty pills work.


  • There is no indication of where the pills are made, which leaves one to presume they are imported.
  • A customer service phone number is nonexistent.
  • There are very few Dime Curves reviews available.
  • Many buyers report an increase in flatulence, whether they saw results or not.




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