Butt Pads


What Are Butt Pads?

Not everyone is willing to wait for the results from butt enhancement cream or pills, so for these people, butt pads are the ideal answer. They make getting a bigger booty as easy as getting dressed. However, losing it is also just as simple.

So what exactly are bum pads? Essentially, they are padded underwear for women. From the front, they look just like any other kind of body shapewear, but from the back they have two round, perky bumps to emulate a plump booty. The pads themselves can be made of out silicone (which give the most realistic look) or traditional padding that would be found in a bra. Some butt pads are attached to the underwear, while other have to be inserted into pockets.


  • Butt pads are the only way to instantly achieve a bigger booty.
  • There is absolutely no health risk involved.
  • Bum pads are relatively inexpensive and only have to be purchased once.
  • Since there is no commitment required, butt pads are ideal to wear on a trial basis.
  • There are no butt enhancement pills or cream to remember to use.


  • The butt pads have to be worn for the bigger booty to be present.
  • Some types of bum pads can move around while in use.
  • The results are strictly superficial.
  • Butt pads might cause embarrassment if they are discovered.
  • They can be uncomfortable to wear during day-to-day activities.



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