Butt Enhancing Body Shapewear: The Best of Both Worlds


When a woman desires a perkier booty, slimmer thighs, and a flattened tummy, body shapewear with built-in butt enhancement is apparently a dream come true. It offers tightening in all of the right places, while it’s carefully placed openings for the butt cheeks work to lift the butt into perfect form.

The Feel Foxy panty girdle is ideal for women of all shapes. It can be found in sizes up to 3XL and offers control where women want it without flattening out the rear end (like most body shapers do). Just like traditional body shapers, this shapewear for women is available in many different styles, some of which only offer tummy control, while others tighten the full thigh and/or all the way up to the bra line. Most varieties are only available in nude and black, but a few styles do offer color choices to fit with different personalities.


Does Body Shapewear Work?

The women who try out a panty girdle seem to really love the results they achieve. The breathable materials keep them comfortable while still making them look slimmer. What is especially adored is the fact that their real booty still gets to show through. But it’s not only their real butt; it’s an enhanced version of this beloved body part. Users report that the shapewear for women stays in place throughout the day and is completely unnoticeable under the outfits they wear both to work and for evenings out.



  • The panty girdle can be worn under any type of clothing.
  • Most are lined with cotton in the panty area for comfort and breathability.
  • A woman’s actual butt is exposed, allowing for her curves to be maintained while still achieving a slimming effect.
  • A Feel Foxy panty girdle gives the user a rounder, bigger butt instantly.
  • The variety of styles offers a solution for any woman’s insecurities.


  • In order to maintain their smoothness and elasticity, this shapewear for women needs to be hand washed.
  • Since this type of panty girdle is designed to enhance what the wearer already has, it may not be ideal for women with limited butt mass to lift up.



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