3 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Dream Booty

B002There is so much advice floating around about how to get a bigger booty that we don’t even know where to begin with wading through what is and isn’t true. The best butt enhancement comes from the best efforts.

Let’s ditch the bad habits that are sabotaging our goals, and embrace a newer, better way to get the butt we want.

3 ways youre

Of course, we’ll give you some awesome tips on how to achieve maximum booty potential, but the first step to success is being aware of where you’re #failing.

1. You’re Working Out for a Bigger Butt, but You’re Eating Like Oprah Before Weight Watchers.

get a bigger booty

They say abs are made in the kitchen, well…big booties are too. Remember that progress is only going to be made up of 20% exercise, but the other 80% is going to be what you’re putting in your mouth, and by that we mean food.

If you’re just eating everything in sight with no direction at all, it’s time to stop. Excess fats in your derriere is the cause of cellulite, which is what every girl with a big booty dreads. Skip that fat enhancement and go straight to butt enhancement with these healthy food choices.

The Butt Enhancement Diet:

  • Nuts are small in stature and big in protein and healthy fat, add a handful of nuts to your diet on the daily to get a bigger booty.
  • Tuna is another food that packs in the protein. This one is a double whammy, as tuna is full of healthy Omega-3 that is going to boost your booty muscles growth for a fuller and plumper butt.
  • Sweet Potatoes keep you fuller, longer and they also help blast fat which means less cellulite to try and get rid of. Pro tip: If you’re craving something sweet, you don’t always have to opt for sugary snacks or candies. Try this honey-glazed sweet potato recipe to satisfy your sugar cravings!
  • Quinoa is a good for you grain that is a great side dish to some fresh veggies and fish. It’s also a healthier substitute for white rice if you prefer to eat your meals with some type of grain. Making sure to incorporating healthy grains is important if you’re trying to get a bigger booty. Try it next time you make a gumbo to die for.
  • Eggs are a great source of protein which help to build up the muscle in your butt, leading to the increase in size you’ve been looking for.
  • Veggies are great for your whole body, but they are really great if you’re trying to get a bigger booty. Get more veggies in your diet by throwing some spinach in your smoothie or amping up the greens in your next stir fry.
  • Lean Beef is another great source of protein. (There’s that protein again.) Butt enhancement is amplified by adding lean beef to your diet which increases muscle mass with all of the proteins and amino acids that this food has to offer. It’s a great pairing with veggies, too!

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2. You’ve Been Over-Doing the Cardio.

Any exercise is good exercise. When a bigger butt is on the brain though, there are right and wrong exercises. Skip the booty minimizing treadmill and opt for cardio that HELPS your booty goals, like the stair master.

get a bigger booty

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  • Stairs: The Best Butt Enhancement WorkoutThe step mill is a great way to increase the muscle mass in your butt while your body benefits from fat burning cardio.
  • Treadmill for a Bigger ButtYou don’t have to banish the treadmill entirely, just put it on an incline. With similar results to the step mill, an inclined treadmill is great for fat burning and muscle building.
  • Squats: Best Work-out for a Bigger ButtYour butt’s best friend might be squats. This move is an awesome way to build muscle in all the right places, targeting key muscle areas to help create a firm, round booty.

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Squats may seem a little #BASIC, level up your #bootygains by using these squat boosters.

  • Lunges

Give your butt a lift with some lunges. A great way to help target key areas of your bum and lift it is to make sure you do lunges a few times a week.

get a bigger booty

3. You Want Results, and You Want Them Now

Building a booty is a process. If you want real results, you have to make an effort. You can’t expect the booty gains without actually putting work into it.

get a bigger booty

If you’re not seeing the progress you want to be seeing, ask yourself if you’re doing any or all of these 3 things:

  1. Are you sticking to it or giving up without giving your body time?
    Remember, consistency is key! Even when you supplement, it takes a little elbow grease to get a booty that’s #Belfie worthy.
  2. Are you putting in 110% at the gym?
    In other words, unless your booty is feeling the burn throughout all of your exercises, you’re not doing them right.
  3. Are you measuring your progress in a consistent way?
    Take bi-weekly or monthly pictures of your butt and compare them side-to-side when determining progress. And realize that this process is going to take time!

Were you doing any of these butt destroying workouts or eating cellulite inducing foods?

Hopefully not, but if you were at least you know what not to do now! Switch out those bad habits for some good foods like veggies, fish, and lean beef. Say goodbye to the zero incline treadmill and hop on that step mill instead. Lastly, give your booty time to progress and grow! As long as you stick to a consistent diet and exercise plan, you’ll notice a bigger butt in no time with these great tips.


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