Butt and Hip Pads: Affordable, Versatile, but Not All Created Equal


When versatility is desired, butt pads and hip pads are an ideal solution. They allow women to receive an extra boost to their shape regardless of what panties or pants they are wearing.

It’s true that butt and hip pads are nothing new, but the lifelike feel and reactivating adhesives found in today’s bum pads make them something worth talking about. The pads can be found in both silicone and foam varieties, some requiring additional panties to be placed into, while others include an adhesive to help them stay in place. The silicone butt pads obviously offer a more realistic look and feel; however, the foam ones are usually equipped with adhesives, making them more versatile.

Most butt pads come in a round shape, while the hip pads are often oval. That being said, there are some varying sizes and thickness levels available, allowing the user to customize their finished look. Both types of panty pads can be washed and are reusable, making them very affordable.

Do Butt Pads and Hip Pads Work?

Apparently, it all depends on the type chosen. Most of the butt pads available receive rave reviews for their realistic look. Users particularly appreciate the silicone butt pads because if someone touches their rear end, it will not be obvious that they are wearing the pads. The same cannot be said for the foam pads. But what people do seem to love about the foam pads is that they can usually be stuck to any kind of underwear or pants, allowing the user to wear whatever they want while still experiencing a bigger booty.


  • The silicone butt pads feel like a second skin.
  • The non-adhesive butt and hip pads can be used with anything in the Feel Foxy product line that contains the needed pockets.
  • Even after they are washed, the adhesive bum pads are still able to effortlessly stick to a variety of materials.
  • The adhesive butt pads provide the ultimate versatility, since no special clothing is required.
  • Women can experience an enhanced silhouette in seconds with no risk or commitment.


  • The feel of the foam butt pads makes it obvious that a butt-boosting product is being worn.
  • In order to maintain their shape and adhesiveness, butt and hip pads need to be hand washed, which also means they need to be given time to air dry between uses.



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