Booty Jeans: Enhancement with No Extra Effort


While most women wear jeans to look sexy, no other jeans claim to offer quite the boost in the rear end as booty jeans. By combining the right materials with the ideal seam placement, they allow woman to achieve the shape of their dreams by simply putting on a pair of jeans.

Just like with regular jeans, butt jeans come in a variety of colors and cuts to fit all body types and style preferences. They can be found in sizes 0 through 23 and are available in skinny jeans, boot cuts, and straight leg options. Thanks to their detailed styling and ideal combinations of denim and spandex fabrics, the Feel Foxy booty jeans hug a woman’s curves without leaving any unsightly gap at the waistline. Every inch of her bottom half is enhanced and all she has to do is get dressed like usual. There are even some padded jeans and padded shorts available to further boost a woman’s derriere.


Do Booty Jeans Work?

All it takes is one look at a woman wearing butt jeans to see that the pants clearly are good at what they do. The women who wear booty jeans believe that they are one of the best inventions ever created. They are priced just like a traditional pair of affordable blue jeans, but they hug the thighs and hips, making the wearer’s silhouette smoother and more curvaceous. The fans of the butt jeans also claim that the lightweight fabric makes them even more comfortable than standard denim, and they love that they are available in all of the same cuts that they adore.



  • Feel Foxy booty jeans are affordable.
  • They come in many different colors and cuts to ensure that there is a style for every woman—even bright and bold hues can be found.
  • The huge range of sizes means that most women can experience their benefits.
  • There is nothing to do to experience the enhancements of the butt jeans besides putting them on.


  • Some styles of booty jeans have to be hand washed, which can be challenging with a busy lifestyle.
  • Not all of the butt jeans have pads, so a big change in the size of the butt should not be expected.

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