Booty Boost Extreme: All Natural butt Not Guaranteed

Booty Boost Extreme Reviews
  • Effectiveness - 4.5/10
  • Money Back Guarantee - 5/10
  • Customer Service - 8/10
  • Company Appearance - 7/10

Does Booty Boost Extreme Work?

Using Booty Boost Extreme appears to be a risk. While the ingredients seem like they would be effective, the quantities included are questionable. The users that have seen results don’t seem to experience them until after months of use, and even the manufacturer says to allow a full six months to see the effects of the supplement. Since there is no money-back guarantee, the user has to be willing to eat the cost if they don’t see any results. For the price, it would be a smarter choice to buy a product with some type of promise.

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Booty Boost

Booty Boost Extreme claims that through ten years of research, the ideal formula of butt-boosting ingredients was combined to provide the user with unbeatable results. They say the user will get a bigger butt without any side effects, and at first glance, their all-natural formula does seem impressive.

They use many well-known herbs believed to boost estrogen production (and therefore stimulate butt growth), such as Fenugreek, Rose Hips, Maca Root, Dong Quai, and Saw Palmetto. There’s just one problem: The most powerful proven ingredients are at the bottom of the list – meaning there is very little of them in the actual formula – while the fillers, such as Aguaje and Pueraria Mirifica, are near the top, making its effectiveness questionable.

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Does Booty Boost Extreme Really Work?

That depends on who is asked. Some Booty Boost Extreme reviews claim that the person using the butt enhancement pills noticed a difference (albeit after several months of use), while some believe that these booty pills are a waste of money. And, apparently, Booty Boost Extreme isn’t even too confident in their product.

While they do offer a return policy, they have no mention of a money-back guarantee anywhere on their site. Their return policy isn’t even that great. Yes, the pills can be sent back, but only if it’s within 14 days. And since they say on their website to allow at least six months to see results, this hardly seems fair.


  • The all-natural ingredients do have a proven record of butt-enhancing abilities.
  • There are no reported side effects.
  • Booty Boost Extreme is made in the USA.
  • Some users claim that they have seen results, even though they were minimal and took time to appear.


  • There doesn’t seem to be enough of the most effective ingredients (like the Maca Root, Dong Quai, and Saw Palmetto) to make a difference.
  • These butt enhancement pills do not offer a money-back guarantee.
  • Their website offers $50 in exchange for customer reviews, so each one should be considered carefully.
  • They sneakily claim the booty pills are made in an FDA-approved facility to try to trick the reader into thinking the pills themselves are FDA-approved (which is not possible for a supplement).



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