Does Bootiful Cream Really Work? That Depends On What Results You Want

Does Bootiful Cream Work?
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  • Money Back Guarantee - 10/10
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Bootiful Cream Reviews

If the end goal is fewer stretch marks and soft, supple skin, then the Bootiful cream is absolutely worth a try. However, if a true butt enhancement cream is the hope, it’s probably best to skip this booty cream. Very few users have noted rear end growth, and since the product isn’t exactly cheap, it is money better spent elsewhere.

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Bootiful cream

Bootiful butt enhancement cream advertises that it will increase the butt’s volume, enhance its curves, an even eliminate stretch marks. But is the claim too good to be true? That’s up for debate.

The ingredient list is vast and varied, and some of the components do seem to provide valuable effects. For example, the Saw Palmetto Extract is believed to promote muscle growth, the Calendula Extra encourages new tissue growth, and the Dong Quai Extract will amp up the blood flow to the rear end, which are all sure to make the bum look bigger. However, the majority of the ingredients (like the honey, water, vitamin C, and aloe vera) simply make the butt look smoother without having much of an impact on the interior structure of the butt.

Does Bootiful Really Work?

If all that is desired is a pretty rear end, then sure, it works well enough. The 14 ingredients all help improve the outside appearance of the skin, but only a few of them do anything to the tissues that boost the size of the butt. So what do the Bootiful cream reviews say? They are pretty mixed. Some people started noticing a difference as quickly as a week (but what the change actually was is unclear), while others believe this booty cream is a scam. The ones that did see results admitted that they also upped their workouts while using the product.

One point of interest: The website and product description say that the Bootiful cream causes a tingling sensation, which lets the user know it is working. However, when the ingredient list is dissected, it is, in fact, the vanilla extract that produces the tingling.


  • The Bootiful butt enhancement cream is all natural.
  • It is made in the USA.
  • The vast ingredient list does contain some butt-boosting herbs.
  • The product can be returned for 60 days after the purchase date for a full refund (less shipping and handling).


  • Some users have noted quick results, but they are likely superficial changes instead of an increased butt size.
  • The majority of the ingredients in the Bootiful cream simply improve the skin’s suppleness and softness.
  • Few people have experienced true results without changing their workouts as well.
  • The tingling sensation is just a hype to trick users.



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