Best Butt Workouts | 4 Tips to Amplify Your Squats

best butt workouts for the perfect squat

C002We’re all aware that squats are one of the best butt workouts that you can put into practice, but how can you get more out of your squats to get a bigger butt? If you’re not doing squats on a regular basis, you absolutely need to add them to your workout routine.

Even the best butt workouts need a little elbow grease once your body gets used to them. Try these modifications to up the impact of your squats and get you the ass you’ve been working for!

Ways to Optimize Even the Best Butt Workouts

Try different speeds

You probably have a particular pace that you do your squats at, and that’s great. But if you really want to crank up your workout, try mixing up your squat rhythm.

For example, you can slow your squats down to half the speed you normally do them at and really feel every muscle working to support your movement. Or you can increase the speed and do a quick burnout set. Variety is the key!

Grab some weights

Bodyweight squats can be a great workout, but if you want to get better results, try adding weights to your squats. You can grab a set of dumbbells or use a barbell if you have one. Adding weights will make your squats even more challenging, which in turn will work your butt muscles harder so you get a better workout and better results.

Just make sure you always maintain good form. If you add weight and can’t keep good form, you need to cut back on the weight until you can maintain proper form. Huffington Post has a great article on good squat form. You can use small dumb bells to start, or even water bottles for some added weight and resistance.

Hold Your Squat Longer

The squat and hold is one of the main exercises in our 10 minute butt workout for good reason. This squat variation will kick your butt (no pun intended)! To do it simply drop down into the normal squat position and hold the pose at the very bottom of the movement. See how long you can maintain this position. It’s tough!


Squat jumps are another great variation that really target your butt muscles. To do a squat jump you need to do the downward movement of a basic squat and when you reach the bottom of the motion, explode and jump up through your heels as high as you can. Land softly, bending your knees slightly in your starting position.

What’s your favorite type of squat? Comment below and let us know!



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