7 Ways to Avoid a Panty Line with a Bigger Booty

Whether you’re working to get a bigger booty or you already have one, panty lines are an irritation we all have to deal with. But, there are a few things you can do to both enhance your curves and avoid a panty line all at once. Here are the seven best ways to make the dreaded panty-line a thing of the past.

Bigger Booty Solution to Avoid a Panty Line

1. Slide on shapewear or a slip.

tight-dress-no-panty-lineSolve two problems at once by swapping panties for shapewear. These can help enhance your curves while providing a smooth silhouette. If you don’t want to wear shapewear, don’t forget the classic option: a silky slip. These should have never gone out of style. They smooth out panty lines under dresses and make everything look a little more put together.

Shapewear to get a bigger booty is on the market too, and with the insane number of options there’s no reason you can’t get a bigger butt, while making your butt look better overall too.  Companies like FeelFoxy that provides butt-lifting panties can be worn with items like the BUMBoutique waist belt to create a smooth and polished look while training your body to maintain the shape you’re trying to accomplish.

2. Add Tights or Leggings to your Outfit.


During cold weather, tights are a great choice under all kinds of outfits. Pick vibrant colors to pair with boots for a fun and kicky look. Or, wear sheer black tights that give just a bit more coverage than pantyhose. You can spruce up your look with a pop of color and create an added layer of smoothness all with one garment, and who doesn’t want that?

3. Look for no-seam underwear.

These look like tights or pantyhose, but a little bit thicker. They come in cuts that range from thongs to boyshorts to fit your personal preferences. While they’re not the most attractive garments on their own, no-seam panties definitely make your butt look better in body-clinging leggings and other tight clothes.

If you can’t find NO-SEAM underwear, but you still want to apply the concept, you can usually find a smooth boy-short that will do the trick. As a side note, opting for a nude color if your garment is light colored or sheer is another layer of hide-away protection.

4. Don’t wear overly tight clothing.

clothes too tightWhen you get a bigger butt, you need to get bigger clothes to fit it. If your old duds are fitting more tightly than they did in the past, pick up some new ones in a larger size or from a designer who allows for a little more room in the booty area. Even bodycon styles shouldn’t have to stretch too much when you put them on. Try out a couple of different sizes to see which offers the most flattering, panty line concealing fit.

No matter how gorgeous your curves are, most people will agree that wearing clothes so tight you’re falling out of them is a fashion-don’t and a quick way to kill a cute look. Give your bigger booty the respect and love it deserves, and wear your size.

5. Thongs, G-Strings, and Everything in Between.

One sure way to cut out panty lines is to make sure they aren’t there to begin with! It can take a few outings to get used to the feel of thongs. But, like any other piece of clothing, it’ll get more comfortable over time. Pick ones with thin and soft material to eliminate lines at the hips and to allow maximum comfort. Nude colored are the best option for light or sheer outfits. If you’re still not getting the coverage you need, a G-String is a little less material and another great option.

6. Match panty colors and clothes.

match your underwearYou know that black panties with light-colored pants and skirts is a no-go; especially if you’re blessed with a bigger booty. But, you can also wind up with super visible panty lines when you wear light colored panties under items that are dark colored but thin. Every lady likes an excuse to pick up a few new pairs of nice panties. Pick out pairs in every color so your clothes match what’s underneath. And, when you have the option, pick solid colors and smooth knits over patterns or textures.

If you don’t have any underwear in the color of your outfit, or your outfit is multi-colored, you can opt for the nude-colored garment to match your skintone. That way, if you see it through the outfit, it blends with your skin.

7. Pick thicker pants and skirts.

As a last stitch effort when all-else fails, change your look. Heavier versions of pants and skirts, particularly when you are wearing ones with a clingy shape, can make your butt look better while eliminating panty lines. You can find great deals on thick leggings and even dresses by shopping sales and keeping an eye out at your favorite boutiques.



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