15 Instagram-Celebs That Make You Want a Bigger Butt

You work hard to enhance curves and get the body that you want. Workouts, eating right and taking the right supplements regularly take commitment. Looking for some inspiration? These ladies are famous on Instagram for their big and curvy butts:

The 15 Models Who Make You Want to Get a Bigger Butt

11. Candice Swanepoel


Candice Swanepoel’s fit, curvy body has shot her into the top 10 list of high earning models. Over 7.2 million people follow her on Instagram to see sneak peeks from her shoots, fun behind the scenes photos and eye-catching, musical videos.


22. Taylor Vertucci


Personal trainer and YouTube sensation Taylor Vertucci regularly posts pics and videos showing off her rock hard abs, tiny waist and round, firm butt. The hard workouts she features can give you ideas for better exercises and the inspiration you need to work to get a bigger butt.


33. “Brittne Babe”


This fitness queen is one of our favorites! Known most-often for her ASS-et creating videos, Brittne posts recipes, workouts (For all fitness levels) and tips to help you get a bigger butt, all while looking fiercely fabulous.


44. Kim Kardashian


No list of women Instagram famous for their butts would be complete without Kim K. Kim’s followed by over 54 million people. Her feed is a great place to find fashion ideas to enhance your curves.


55. Jen Selter


Fitness model Jen Selter came out of nowhere to dominate on both Instagram and YouTube. Her stream is filled with videos and photos that get you to the gym. Check out the form on her squats and other exercises to help you get the same sort of fantastic results.


coco butt6. Coco


Model, reality personality, fitness guru and mom Coco Austin can provide just the inspiration busy ladies need. She balances work, events and family and looks fine doing it.



77. Amber Rose


It’s no secret why Amber Rose’s 8.7 million followers adore her. She expertly blends feminine charm with a no-BS, take no prisoners attitude. When you are looking for the inspiration to be your baddest self, just pretend you are Amber Rose.


Cassie Caroll Butt Envy8. Cassie Carrol


Published Fitness Model Cassie may not have as many followers as others on this list. But, the wealth of fitness and transformation inspiration she shares wins her a place on this list. Check out her stream to see what’s possible with a bit of work and dedication.



Tianna Gregory Grey Shirt Hips 9. Tianna Gregory


Who couldn’t use a little more intelligence and sex positivity in their feeds? Tiannaposts dozens of stunning belfies that will make you want to enhance your curves, along with witty commentary.



Sandra Prikker butt white swimsuit10. Sandra Prikker


Sandra is a super-fit clothing designer that posts fashion-forward fitness pics and videos, belfies for days, and even romantic beach shots with her beau. Nothing says gorgeous and bad ass like rockin abs with an amazing ass. Get it girl!


Stephanie Roa Talks How to Get a Bigger Butt on Waterfall11. Stephanie Rao


Stephanie Rao has been featured on a TON of squatspo pages, and it’s clear why. She’s gorgeous, and has booty for days. Her photos aren’t sleezy, either. She posts a lot of really artistic shots as well as inspirational (life in luxury) lifestyle posts.


Anacheri Blue Underwear Bigger Hips12. Anacheri


With an impressive 4.4 million followers, Anacheri definitely earned her place on the list of instagram models with big booty’s. Her selfies don’t just make you want to get a bigger butt, they also make you want to do your hair and makeup better too. #jealous.


1313. Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa


Jailune Ojeda Ochoa shares hundreds of curvy butt pics with her 1.5 million Instagram followers. The mix of healthy eating inspiration, humor and gorgeous modeling photos is a motivating addition to any feed. Her curves also look really natural which makes us envy her even more.


1414. Taisha Marie


Fitness model Taisha Marie is a bit of an Instagram bad girl. This popular twerker has been banned from the platform three times for her tantalizing booty-shaking videos. But, her current account is going strong with 288 thousand followers.


1515. Lauren Dannenmiller


Nationally qualified NPC Bikini competitor Laren Dannenmiller shares inspiring fitness photos with her 5000+ followers on a daily basis. Her many exercise video clips show some of the best ways to work your muscles to get a bigger butt.


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