10 Best Glute Exercises for Runners

If you’re a runner, you know how hard it can be to build muscle mass when you’re also burning massive amounts of calories from your regular cardio. But stronger glute muscles are essential for runners–and they’re not just so you look hot in running shorts. Finding the best glute exercises for runners can also help prevent injuries.

Improving your routine with glute exercises for mass helps prevent everything from shin splints to knee problems and ilotibial band syndrome. Up your game (and your backside) by implementing these exercises into your workout routine. You’ll strengthen your glutes and build amazing muscle mass in no time.


Adjusting Your Running Routine for Better Glutes

  • Adding Ankle Weights to Build Your Glutes
    Adding ankle weights to your run (or even just a part of it) helps build glute strength without adding to your workout time. Start small and gradually build up to heavier weights over time.
  • Take Your Run Vertical 
    If ankle weights mess with your stride, try running steps or steep hills (if you’re not already). Running steps is one of the best ways to up your cardio game while building the fast-twitch muscles in your glutes for a more powerful, solid backside. You might just find that running steps also improves your endurance more than you ever thought possible.

Bodyweight Strength for Runners

If you thought you had to hit the gym to really work your backside, you were mistaken. The Daily Burn’s 8 Minutes to a Better Butt workout gives you the run-down on highly effective bodyweight moves like butterfly pelvic raises to lunge variations that will have your butt burning (in a good way!).  These moves are incredibly effective, so try working a few sets of reps either before or after your runs–or even on rest days. It only takes a few minutes to build serious muscle when you really stick with it.

The Glute-Building Power of Single Leg Squats

Single-leg squats are even more brutal than old-fashioned squats when it comes to building your glutes, and you won’t need weights to get an incredibly efficient, effective butt workout in. Think of your classic squat form–knees even with your toes, back straight, butt out–and then lift one leg in front of you and keep it suspended as you bend. This video will help you nail the correct form.

Lunges and Lower Body Strength

Lunges are another bodyweight move that make an incredibly effective warm-up. Try this routine before a workout to get your muscles ready for action while building your butt and thigh muscles at the same time.

Mat Exercises for Better Glutes

If you want to kick it old-school, try some mat exercises to get your booty burning and build fantastic glute strength on days you can’t make it outside. Try this workout, which features a variety of high-intensity mat moves that never get boring.


Best Glute Exercises for Gym-Based Workouts


Runners tend to get tons of cardio, but counteracting that cardio with some muscle-building in the gym is a great way to balance out your workout. Plus, lifting is one of the most popular methods for building a great butt.


If you think you know your squats but have never tried it with a barbell, chances are good you’ll need some practice to get your form right. Squatting with weights is one of the best glute exercises for runners and can be modified regardless of your fitness level. If you’ve got bad knee’s, you can do glute-bridges with weights to keep sculpting without the added pressure on your knee joints.


Taking advantage of your gym’s hyperextension bench is one of the best things you can do for yourself as a runner–and for your glutes. Hyperextensions target your lower back as well as your glutes and hamstrings, so you’ll build a foundation of strength that will set your entire lower body up for a successful butt. You can’t go wrong with that. If you’re not sure how to do them, we’ve posted a link below that explains but it’s also very easy to ask a trainer at your Gym for their input.

Learn More about Hyperextensions from BodyBuilding.com

Glute Exercises for Runners to do At Home, or Work, or Wherever.


Don’t love the GYM? No worries, glute exercises for runners aren’t limited to gym movements. If you’re pressed for time, you don’t have to hit the mat or the gym in order to add butt-boosting moves into your day. You can implement small changes in your day-to-day that will make a huge difference for your Glutes.

Smart Stairs for a Bigger Butt

We’ve all heard that taking the stairs can kick some serious cardio butt. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight you’ve probably heard “take the stairs” more than a hundred times; but did you know you could use the stairs to boost your glutes? Climb stairs two at a time. Or if you want to emphasize your running game – run up your stairs two at a time. You’ll build your butt while doing the laundry, or returning to work from lunch, or whatever–and you’ll get it done faster. Who said glute exercises for runners had to be complicated?

Drop And Give Me 20

…squats, that is. Or lunges. Set an alarm and do a set of 10 squats, lunges, or other quick body weight butt moves like split squats on the hour for three or four (or more!) of the hours during the day. You’ll keep your butt muscles activated and give yourself an instant energy boost every time.

Stretching Your Glutes

Stretching is often overlooked, but stretching out your glutes is essential when you’re focusing on building a stronger butt–particularly when you run regularly. Try this butt and leg stretch routine to loosen things up and prepare your muscles to work even harder tomorrow. Bonus? You’ll feel amazing afterward.

Keep building your butt workout routine so you never get bored or in a rut with your glute-building program. Also consider adding butt enhancement supplements like Gluteboost to help round out your booty. It’s not hype; bodybuilders like Jennifer Reichek and Cassie Carroll use it to complement their butt routines, so you can’t go wrong.


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